As for being a former NBA player and Harlem Globetrotter, Tommy's knowledge for the game is amazing, but what's most impressive is his ability to connect with the kids and keep that perfect balance of making the game fun but nourishing at the same time. Chris has developed a newfound love for the game and his confidence keeps growing.  

A. K.    

Tommy has taken Sean's game to the next level. To say i'm pleased with his progress is an understatement. I'm loving the results!  



Daniel's confidence with his ball handling has reached a new level, thanks to aggressive dribbling drills performed at ICan. Tommy's willingness to teach and carve out bad habits have been instrumental in Daniel's game play! 



The training regiment's at ICan Academy is unwavering, our son Nate has taken his game to the next level and continues to grow and mature his game. Tommy has truly challenged Nate's physical attributes as well as his mental psyche in regards to becoming successful on and off the court!




Since Kyle has been training with Tommy, his basketball skills have improved dramatically. Kyle now has that sense of urgency incorporated into his playing style. Tommy has instrumental both on and off the court with my son. Many thanks!